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Through 7 Straightforward Steps Our Goal is a Smooth Transition

Epic Education's Support Team is there every step of the way!

1. Introduction

Engage with the school’s owner(s) to learn more about their objectives and needs for the future.

2. Explore Opportunity

Discuss the financial and synergistic benefits of partnering with Epic Education on a potential sale.

3. Exchange Preliminary Information

Execute a confidentiality agreement to protect both parties from all disclosures, including sensitive financial and on-going operational information.

4. Propose Offer Letter

Present a non-binding offer that will lay out the key terms of the agreement, including the purchase price.

5. Due Diligence

Kick-off our confirmatory due diligence with our legal, accounting, real estate, and operating partners as per our closing efforts of the transaction.

6. Closing Process

Finalize the transaction negotiations between both parties and provide definitive documentation.

7. Formal Integration

Partner with the Seller through re-licensing, systems, and operational integration, to ensure a seamless transition with Epic Education.

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