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We know that aside from classrooms, education takes place in many dynamic environments throughout our communities. We support educational opportunities that can be enjoyed by everyone.  We seek out the educational endeavors and spaces that benefit all walks of life, and we work to implement them into our many programs.

Test Prep Programs

We understand the pressure students face to demonstrate their learning to potential employers and institutions of higher learning. All of our companies are dedicated to high standards of achievement and work together to provide students opportunities to accel on standardized tests without sacrificing the love of learning or being. stuck in a classroom that only teaches to. a test. 

Coding Camp Programs

With technology dominating the jobs of the future our companies give children the right balance of exposure to technology while holding on to the wonder of creativity. Our coding camps exemplify this by teaching real-world coding skills, then by applying those skills in active movement. 

Coding Camps

After School Programs

We strive to keep the learning going even after school is out, and many children need quality activities to learn from while parents finish the workday. Our after school programs meet this need with a variety of activities that engage the whole child. From technology introductions to sports classes and private tutoring we make sure that learning is fun throughout the whole day.

Summer Camp Programs

We know that learning should never stop while also acknowledging that summer is an important time for children to grow and expand beyond the classroom. Our summer camps teach children how to love learning by making academics a part of the fun and exciting recreational activities that fill their summer camp days. Instead of "summer brain drain" we promote summer brain GAIN!   

Summer Camps
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