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The Reasons To Choose Our Team To Grow Your Legacy:

Epic Education is particular in the programs we choose to work with and have a heavy vetting program to see if you are a good fit. The schools we seek to have the independent ability to maintain exceptional outcomes for their students because of stellar leadership and a long-standing reputation of excellence within their respective communities. Our strategy at Epic Education has proven to be effective – we partner with great educators and empower them to operate the best possible schools, by providing them with tools, leadership, guidance, and support.

By partnering with Us, your school will benefit from:

Competitive Valuation

Epic Education is willing to pay an all-cash premium for high-performing private schools with stellar leadership and growth opportunities in attractive markets.

Strong National Presence

Epic Education has a strong network of over 5 companies, serving hundreds of students.

Supportive Management Team

We have assembled a world-class team to provide leadership and administrative support while optimizing operations with development tools, marketing expertise, and professional facilities maintenance.

Academic Focus

Epic Education assures the academic success of students by ensuring that teachers thrive. In an effort to support pedagogical excellence, We provide training, curriculum reviews, collaborative teacher networks, access to educational research, and teacher reflection tools.

Benefits & Career Development

Epic Education offers a growing Academic Committee, workshops, school conferences, Culture Club, Rising Star Recognition Program, and much more.

Extensive Tools and Resources

Every school that joins our family has access to an extensive support network that includes a dedicated marketing team, technical support center, accounting, and finance support, professional development opportunities, security advisory, legal assistance, and the support of an assigned Regional Director.

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